Commercial roofing feels like a different breed of roofing, considering its appearance and materials differ vastly from their residential counterparts. Truthfully, even their installation process differs widely. Therefore, should you expect a commercial roof's replacement signs to be galaxies apart from residential roofs?

The answer: not really. Regardless of whether commercial or industrial, all roofs suffer the same damage level under consistent exposure to outside elements. However, the way they appear and manifest differs between commercial and residential roofing. Let's take a deep look.

The Uncountable Damages

Leaking is the classic but pesky problem all property roofing faces regularly. It's inevitable because all roofs have to deal with water, and low-slope commercial roofing's eponymous trait makes it easy to have pooling water. If your interior ceilings show more than five different leak zones, which manifest as brown-orange streaks, it's time to have your roof replaced.

Cosmetic inspections provide more actionable information about the roof's current condition. All roofing materials, including commercial-roofing-oriented EPDM, TPO, and PVC roofing, suffer from blisters. Often, their presence signifies impending or already full-blown water damages.

Overbearing Repair Costs

Now that you know all possible low-slope roofing problems you can face, you can call your Guelph roofer for a commercial roofing replacement service, right?

We disagree because professional roofers can still provide repairs before fully tearing off and replacing the roof, which is more expensive than the latter. However, property owners shouldn't assume that the much more affordable-than-replacement repair services are the key to saving more money and lengthening their roof's lifespan.

A good roofing inspection always yields exceptionally accurate decision-making data. Once your roofers gather data from their inspections, they'll give you their repair or roofing replacement recommendation. If they recommend repairs, ask them about the cost difference if you decided to use replacement services.

Most property owners and roofing manufacturers highly recommend staying within 50% of your total roofing repair costs. If it goes beyond this value, it's best to have your roof replaced because repairs aren't cost-effective anymore.

Alternatives to Regular Roofing (With Great Value for Money)

Money is challenging enough for numerous businesses today. Having a full commercial roofing replacement with EPDM will entail a massive fortune and time. However, rapid-installation and cost-effective alternatives exist in the market (but as Guelph roofers, we don't offer these services).

For example, you might prefer to use spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing as an alternative to EPDM. While it still uses a plastic (or rubber)-based material for roofing, its installation time, durability, and insulation capabilities go beyond EPDM's capacity. Yet it costs virtually similar or even lower than rubber roofs.

However, you'll need to find certified SPF applicators who can provide you licensed services. It's a tricky and cumbersome material that is lethal with improper applications.

If you have yet to find a reliable traditional commercial roofing installation company, you can trust us at Turbo Roofing to provide you with everything you need. Our decades of experience are a testament to everything that we can achieve with you. Contact us today!