Metal Roofs Have Excellent Insulation and Conductivity Resistance

October 12, 2020

Many homeowners in Guelph find themselves facing difficulties deciding between metal roofs and traditional roofing materials because of metal's conductivity. After all, the copper, steel, and nickel wires we use in electronics and electrical equipment are the same in steel roofing, major differences being aesthetics, conductivity, and durability.

However, your metal roof isn't just steel cores shaped and placed over your roof for protection. After a century of steel and aluminum as roofs, it has used reinforcements and undergone numerous enhancements to introduce substantial improvements. If you're not convinced about your decision to use metal roofs, you can read more about them below.

The Non-Conductive Layer

Manufacturers discovered that coating and shielding metal roof steel cores are the best way to preserve their structure and increase their longevity. Therefore, metals with high corrosion resistance, such as aluminum and zinc, became substantial alloys to protect steel cores in present metal roofing manufacturing practices.

However, it needed an additional non-conductive layer to ensure it never absorbed and preserved temperature. The combination of non-corrosive plastic has led to the creation of rubber-based acrylic elastomeric coating.

Excellent UV Reflective Capabilities

An acrylic elastomeric coating comes in different colors, allowing homeowners in Guelph a huge variety of aesthetic options for their roof. Additionally, they can easily adapt metal roofs to their property's existing visual theme. Most home remodelers choose metal roofs for this convenience alone.

Lighter colors ensure your metal roof will never absorb a single molecule of UV rays. By reflecting it outward, metal roofs ensure your residence remains cool with excellent temperature retention and insulation.

Renewable Shielded Layers

Truthfully, an acrylic elastomeric coating has about 5-10 years of exceptional protective capacity until it starts to chip off the roof. Fortunately, they're non-expensive, and most hardware suppliers carry a reputable acrylic elastomeric brand. Additionally, acrylic elastomeric re-coating is one of the easiest DIY roofing projects roofers can trust to inexperienced homeowners.

Acrylic elastomeric layer renewals make it easy to change your roof's aesthetic every half-decade if you wish. With this aesthetic enhancement, you ensure your metal roof has proper defenses against elemental forces that can corrode and shorten its lifespan.


By reducing its conductivity, you've enhanced the lifespan and dependability of your metal roof to new heights. UV ray absorption accelerates the wear and tear of metal roofs due to molecular rearrangement and exhaustion. They get worn down first using reflective acrylic layers, but their renewability makes it easy to preserve the metal roof's aluminum coating and steel core.

Truthfully, both aluminum and zinc coating have excellent long-term resistance against corrosion. With two layers of steel core protection, you won't have any problems with your metal roofing conductivity and lifespan at all.

Other Insulation Avenues

UV reflection and high conductivity reduction assure that your metal roofs will not contribute to poor property insulation. Using SPF attic insulation and using energy-saving windows and doors will enhance your overall residential insulation too.

Use only top-quality roofers to enhance your metal roof's longevity and dependability from installation to post-construction checks. Allow our professionals from Turbo Roofing to jump-start your roofing projects. Contact us today to learn more!