How Can You Perform Excellent Clay Tile Maintenance in Guelph?

January 28, 2020

Clay tiles are common roofing materials most Guelph homeowners use for their properties. However, it isn't the easiest to maintain. True enough, clay tile roofs can last for 50-70 years withstanding the elements including hailstorms. However, without maintenance, it can only last as much as an asphalt shingle roof.

Therefore, by performing excellent clay tile maintenance, you lengthen the lifespan and durability of your roofing materials. Here are excellent tips to help you learn more about it below.

Learn More About Their Manufacturer

Tile manufacturers have different methods when it comes to producing top-quality tiles for their customers. Manufacturers will dictate the clay tile grade your clay tile roof has. The higher the grade, the better it can handle severe elemental situations, which help you learn more about its lifespan and performance.

In addition, manufacturer grades serve as a great guide especially if you're dealing with freezing Guelph temperatures. Make sure to head to your manufacturer's website or give them a call to learn more about your clay tile's degree and capability.

Know More About What Type of Tiles You Have

Most clay tiles come in the Roman way, which is a flat in the middle with a concave curve and convex curve on the other. When we say clay tiles, this is exactly what most people see. True enough, it evokes the real Mediterranean feel we know the grainy tiles for greatly.

However, two other types of clay tiles exist. One is flat tiles, which are small and rectangular and resemble asphalt shingles in a way. Another is interlocking tiles, which borrow the same look as the regular Roman tiles but with added protection against strong wind and rain.

Power Washing Done Right

Running a garden hose on your clay tile roof is the start to clean and maintain its integrity. However, clay tiles are brittle and can break apart once you use other hard-edged tools to scrape off algae, debris, and other problematic items on top of your roof. You'll need a power washer and some detergent to shake off some of the more severe issues that require scraping.

However, power washers deliver water with so much pressure, it can cause cracks and fracture the surface of your clay tiles. This can lead to their reduced lifespan and durability too.

Alkyd Primer and Acrylic Sealant To The Rescue

Once you've cleaned the tiles, surveying any possible damage to your roofing material is easier. To make sure you have all the cracks in check, you can apply alkyd primer to allow acrylic sealant to make its way on all your roofing tiles. In doing so, it reduces the likelihood of pressure creating cracks across your roof.

In doing so, you can preserve the lifespan and guarantee a watertight seal for your entire roof without leaks too. Most hardware store supply alkyd primer and acrylic sealants at modest prices.

Don't Wash Away The Streaks

Lastly, if you've recently replaced a broken clay tile with your spare tile bundles, you might notice white streaks right after you wash them along with the entire roof. The lime inside the clay is reacting against the air and rainwater. You won't need to wash them off.

As always, make sure you're working with a reliable roofing contractor when it comes to your Guelph roofing needs. We at Turbo Roofing extend our hand. With over 30 years of experience providing top-quality roofing solutions, we guarantee only exceptional results for all your roofing needs. Contact us today!