Why Do Roofing Manufacturers Still Get Their Estimates Wrong?

September 29, 2020

As homeowners, you're entitled to get mad at roofing manufacturers for having their material estimates and predictions wrong. You've paid the full price for your roof, and you expected a smooth transaction because they're a top-notch brand. Unfortunately, roofing estimates can turn wrong due to many factors, most of them are variables outside the manufacturer's control.

Manufacturing Process: 99% Perfect

When we purchase a top brand's roofing material, we expect it to live and maximize the roofing material as they've estimated. We expect that the added costs of most high-quality brands went into extensive testing and research. However, even if the manufacturing process is perfect, manufacturers can only promise the best roof manufacturing they know and not perfect procedures with a 100% guarantee.

However, this does not mean you'll have a faulty roof in the process. Truthfully, the manufacturer's extensive dedication to providing top-quality manufacturing processes ensures you receive the best roofing material and all the bells and whistles. But, because it's not 100%, the risk of defects and premature aging are still present.

Labor Has Much to Do With It

Excellent roofs aren't made. They're installed. If you choose the wrong contractors -- or choose to do DIY without experience or knowledge -- you're going to sacrifice your roof's quality despite its manufacturing standards. Honestly, roofing manufacturers began their respective certification programs to deliver the best and longest-lasting roofs possible.

With knowledge of manufacturer-preferred installations, Guelph's trustworthy roofing contractors can deliver top-quality roofing with the highest risk reduction possible. In doing so, homeowners receive certainty with a long-lasting and greatly-dependable roof.

To add to this, the roofing material manufacturer will grant automatic replacements in materials and labor if their best efforts to reduce damage and premature aging risks failed. This practice still reflects the 99% perfection of high-quality roofing. However, near-perfect roofing is better than roofs with an inclination to degrade and get damaged rapidly.

Weather Problems Everyone Has

Stress tests that simulate environmental problems significantly improve the roofing material and installation practices' resistance against external forces that commonly undermine roofs. However, so many variables and external actors exist during a storm. While stress tests try to account and use them to drastically upgrade product quality, unaccounted factors still exist in heavy weather.

For example, most homeowners understand ice dams to be destructive. Roofers recommend installing on-roof heaters or an attic cavity to reduce ice dam formations. However, suppose the weather introduces extreme sub-zero temperatures due to rare abnormal weather behavior. In that case, it will damage the roofing material because it's a newly-discovered variable the manufacturer did not cover during its stress tests.

In this light, top roofing brands cannot give you the perfect roof with precision estimates. However, they give you a highly-reduced likelihood of worst-case scenarios from happening. If you've followed all their recommendations from material to certified roofing contractors, you can be sure your roofing manufacturer will account for any failure without your participation.

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