Roof Preparations to Undertake Before Leaving For Winter

November 30, 2020

All roofing materials can withstand winters. While they might suffer a few spells and leaks, most of the material can outlast the winter. However, the cold temperature and snowy onslaught can aggravate many already-existing problems on your roof, leading to huge, expensive problems over time.

To make sure your roof stays in good condition throughout winter, make sure to install and perform the following before you leave your home -- or go through with your Christmas festivities. In doing so, you can save so much time and hassles by having a top-performing roofing material.

Ice Dam Heaters

Your roofs can endure the lowest temperatures possible. Additionally, top-tier manufacturers have roofing materials capable of withstanding sub-zero temperatures at affordable prices. The roof materials can survive winter, but your roofing underlayment and moldings will suffer immense damages due to melted snow leaks.

The best solution to avoid this problem is to use ice dam heaters. Ice dams are iced snow and water that can seep through your roofing materials and cause massive damage to your roofing underlayment. Ice dam roof heaters plug right into your socket to generate heat enough to ensure zero ice dam formations.

Furthermore, excellent ice dams prevent your roof from caving. They can have so much density that it can push against your roofing underlayment. Cave-ins can cause damages to your roofing material, underlayment, and moldings.

Underlayment Conditions

With an ice dam preventing ice dams' possible growth, your roofing underlayment plays a significant role in trapping straggling leaks and rainwater. Unfortunately, roofing underlayment replacements require a minor roofing material tear-off in damaged areas. Your excellent Guelph roofer will remove the damaged underlayment and replace it with a new seam.

However, no roofing underlayment can protect your roof 100% against leaks. If it gets overwhelmed, it will begin to leak droplets against your attic and interior roof. Significant damages will result in an enormous roofing underlayment tear requiring a complete replacement.

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Scheduled Autumn Maintenance

Even if your roof and its components are functioning perfectly, it never hurts to call on a reliable Guelph roofer for your regular maintenance. Maintaining your roof is critical in spotting potential problem areas before they start causing irreparable, major trouble.

Scheduled maintenance makes your roofing problems manageable and affordable. Roofers will repair, replace, and address any issues your roof has currently. In doing so, you'll always have top-performing roofing that can withstand sub-zero winter temperatures.

All Possible Major Roof Repairs

If your roof is in a crucial state during autumn or summer, consider calling your roofing contractor to perform all necessary repairs and replacements. Getting caught with enormous winter roofing problems can spell doom for your roof and household if you leave it unattended. A professional roofing service -- even if it may cost you a bit of your Christmas gift budget -- guarantees you'll have a beautiful, faultless Christmas with complete peace of mind.

If you have yet to find a reliable roofer, you can always count on us at Turbo Roofing. With decades of experience, we're highly confident in providing for all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.