5 Reasons Why Aging Roofs Are In Need of Replacements

April 8, 2022

Over time, roofs suffer from immense damage due to natural wear and tear. Every 20-30 years, most roofing materials require replacements. If you have metal and slate roofs, you may need to replace them every 50 years or none at all. However, if your roof shows signs of the following damages, it's certainly time to have it replaced.

Damaged and Dislodged Flashing

Flashings are metal or plastic pieces that are attached to roof coverings. These allow for a secure seal. When flashings are damaged or dislodged, water can seep through the roof, causing water damage to the interior of your property.

Old roofs have flashing that has aged and become brittle because the roof has been subjected to hail or ice and snow for decades. These factors have caused it to expand and contract, leading to warped flashing and enormous damages.

Poor Roofing Membranes and Underlays

Aged roofs have poor roofing membranes and underlays because the seal between the membrane and the asphalt shingle has worn out over time. The sealant can crack, dry out, and even peel away from the membrane. More open areas between the membrane and shingles allow water to come into the attic spaces, increasing the risk of mold growth. Without these protections, attic spaces can become damp, dark, and grow molds in the near future.

Susceptibility to Roof Leaks

In general, aged roofs are more susceptible to roof leaks because they have more wear and tear. In addition, aged roofs often have more layers of shingles or roofing materials that can cause leaks to occur when the layers lift. Roof leaks can be very problematic in older buildings, because water damage is a major cause of building deterioration. The leaks can create mold or mildew which can cause a variety of health issues.

Damaged Roof Planks

As roofs age, so do the wood planks. They become more brittle and less water-resistant, leading to rot and decay. Additionally, UV rays from the sun will break down the wood planks and cause the roof material to discolor. Lastly, roofing planks are exposed to high temperatures regularly. These high temperatures cause the roofing planks to crack and become brittle.

Reduced Property Value

Aging roofs can cause a property to become less valuable because of the need for costly repairs and a lower market value. The difference in value between the two properties can be significant. When a property's roof is older, it can leak due to holes or existing bad weather and cause damage to the property owner. When this happens, it is difficult for a homeowner to be able to maintain their property.

All roofs deteriorate over time, so you'll need an excellent roofer to help replace or inspect your roof's overall condition. If you have yet to find a dependable roofer, you can always count on us at Turbo Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can do for you.