Why Many Homeowners Get Confused About 'Immortal' Residential Roofs

November 9, 2020

You might say that it's a miracle of some sort: the powerful roofing entities have blessed your Guelph residential property with a long-lasting roof living beyond the roofing manufacturer's estimates.

Truthfully, it's one that's worthy of every compliment. It's lucky for any Guelph homeowner to have an "immortal" roof. However, despite the advantage of a few more years of protection and stability, the truth sets in: it's big, unpredictable trouble.

In the past, your roofing complacency came from the manufacturer's guarantee of a 25-30-year lifespan. This fact made it easy to live every day with your roof despite the past decades' heavy rains and snowstorms. However, with an immortal (or undead) roof, it's challenging to remain complacent because any time, you think your roof might fail to properly function.

As Guelph's best roofers, saving up for a new roof is our primary tip for homeowners. You're still lucky for owning a long-living roof beyond its lifespan. Truthfully, it buys you time to save up enough money to buy a new roof that will give you the peace of mind you need.

Most homeowners in Guelph are unfortunate to have virtually zero savings to install a new roof, especially right after a natural disaster tearing their roof from the roots to every seam. On the other hand, you're in a good situation even if you feel confused about the next steps you should take in restoring your residential roofing.

In our experience, we estimate any roof that survives beyond its lifespan estimates to have 2-5 years left. However, we highly recommend homeowners to conservatively think. The roof can possibly end up with enormous issues by the end of its extended first or second year.

Additionally, we recommend you use a dependable Guelph roofer to help assess your surviving roof's condition. Maintenance services allow them to observe your roof's current condition. In our case, we've found many long-term surviving roofs to be in good shape with minimal-needed repairs.

However, we still urge homeowners to replace their roofs as soon as possible, especially if the roofing joists and foundation require replacements.

Truthfully, roofs with long-term lifespan and performance often have dependable and regular maintenance services. By nipping small and manageable problems with quick and easy fixes before it grows worse, many roofs can survive through numerous changing of seasons -- even well beyond their expected lifespan.

However, it's never wise to justify using your aged roof beyond its lifespan with consistent maintenance. With perceivably weaker materials because of its age, it's highly likely the roofing material's possible future failure can happen within 3-6 months. We did say most roofs that go beyond its lifespan have at least an extra 2-5 years, but we can never be too sure even after our in-depth inspections.

If you have yet to find a reliable roofing company for all your needs in Guelph, you can always count on us at Turbo Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.