5 Solid Reasons To Trust Only Your Local Roofing Manufacturers

October 26, 2020

With Guelph homeowners reporting a steady rise of problematic roofing products from online merchants overseas, it's best to never trust a lower-priced roofing material disregarding quality. As your dependable Guelph roofers, we encourage you to always look for value-for-money services -- many roofing products made locally are worth saving money on.

Your local roofing manufacturers understand the country's weather and environment. Therefore, they have all the data they need to produce top-quality products and services.

Tried and Proven Products

Roofing manufacturers with a great reputation among homeowners and roofers alike strive for excellent product quality above everything else. They produce products with the best raw material suppliers. Next, they test their roofing products against the local weather and environmental hazards familiar to your property's location.

In doing so, they can provide you the optimal roofing protection. An overseas seller online cannot hope to provide you with long-term protection simply because they're not familiar with your current location at all.

Refundable Roofing Materials

Local roof manufacturers stand by their product's efficiency and dependability. In case you have any trouble or simply made an erroneous purchase, they can provide you with refunds within the given timeframe. Usually, distributors handle the refund or exchange process, with most wise homeowners opting for the latter.

It's difficult to refund your unused roofing material with overseas online merchants because shipping it back is expensive for something with 10% the value of a locally-made, high-quality roof.

Projects Under Lifetime Material Warranties

All your roofing materials from local roofers are under lifetime warranties. Truthfully, using a manufacturer-certified roofer, you receive both lifetime material warranties and a limited but lengthy roofing labor warranty.

This is a huge boon for homeowners. Unfortunately, online-sold roofing materials are for DIY projects -- no dependable Guelph roofer will stake their reputation on a lackluster and potentially problematic roofing product.

High-Quality Certified Roofers

Roofing manufacturers in your country work with local roofing companies to ensure they will execute their preferred installation methods. These sets of steps are crucial because roofing materials only perform their best with proper installation. For example, a metal roof with improper fastening installation is doomed to fail during its second year with poor installation.

Roofing companies that manufacturers certify give them resources enabling them to achieve proper installations. In doing so, they give homeowners a huge favor with lifetime material and limited labor warranties on the roof.

Reliable Distributors

It's truly affordable to compare the price between online-sold roofing materials and local roof prices, which seem inflated. Truthfully, local roof prices aren't inflated. Their values are a condensed summary cost of the production, testing, and guarantees their roofing manufacturers provide to you.

Additionally, roofing manufacturers work only with dependable distributors in your area. Therefore, if you need to return or have recourse with their products, the distributors can handle the return and refund without delay.

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