4 Enormous Roofing Damages Small Animals Can Cause

February 9, 2021

Small animals aren't the biggest problems your roof will face. The weather and potential missile damages from hailstones are its tremendous threats. However, raccoons, rats, and other small animals nesting inside and outside your roofing systems can still cause detrimental damages. Without proper maintenance, your professional Guelph roofers cannot remove these creatures from your premises properly.

Small animals begin as a small, isolated problem, such as a raccoon or rat getting lost. However, the problem will evolve and become problematic over time if you leave it unattended. The small animals will try expanding their nests, meaning they'll leave a destruction trail in their wake. Here are the usual areas they can immensely damage.

Roofing Ventilation Pipes

Most small animals aren't satisfied to nest on your roof. Birds will often settle for nests on your roofing material. However, other small animals will try to seek shelter inside your roof systems. If you leave this situation unattended, the animals will start nesting inside the ventilation systems, causing enormous damages to its structure and functionality.

Most small animals will try to expand their interior territory, chewing and clawing through the ventilation material. In doing so, your home can potentially suffer from tremendous water leaks and damages if the rain and dense moisture enter your system.

Roofing Materials

While birds nesting on your roofing shingles might seem negligible and cause little harm compared to nesting raccoons and rats, they're still an enormous danger. Their nests are swarming with small germs and bacteria, which can grow into communities and habitats due to the moisture that meets your asphalt shingles.

Birds carry over remnants of foreign soil and various worms for their young. Truthfully, the birds are virtually harmless because they'll leave your roof within a few months as the young chicks grow. However, the germs can eat through your roofing material, causing enormous damages.

Ridge Caps

Other small animals, such as raccoons and rats, will attempt to chew through your roofing material. In some cases, their attempt will cause significant roofing shingle and underlayment damage, leaving you with expensive repairs. Additionally, the small animals now have a direct route into your attic.

Ridge caps are many small animals' prime targets because of their rubber-ended ridge vent caps. After they've chewed through the rubber, their size gives them access through your attic, where they will expand their territory.

Rotting Food, Feces, And Germs

Small animals might look adorable and friendly inside your homes. However, their instincts will perceive you as a threat, encouraging them to threaten, ambush, and cause bodily harm to you.

However, they're still enormously dangerous as docile creatures and nests. Rotting food will stink and spread sour scents across your property. Additionally, small animal wastes will get into your vents, attracting dangerous germs and diseases inside your property.

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