The Importance of Roof Warranty Transferability

August 19, 2022

Roof warranty transferability can be a major selling point for a house. A new roof with a transferable warranty ensures buyers have full defective material protection. Most buyers will likely buy a property with a roof with a transferable warranty. Sometimes, they may consider purchasing a roof with a non-transferable warranty.

Consider these important details about roof warranty transferability.

One-Time Transfers Only

You can only transfer the roof warranty once. After you become the warranty's beneficiary, you can't transfer it again to a new buyer. 

Reduced Benefits

The manufacturers reserve their right to reduce the roof's benefits based on its date of purchase. For example, if the roof was ten-years-old when you bought the house, you can expect reduced benefits with your warranty.


During the transfer, some manufacturers may charge a small fee. Ask your manufacturer for the actual transfer fees you need to pay.

The Warranty Transfer Process

A warranty transfer is simple. You can call your manufacturer and inquire about their transfer process. Furthermore, they may tell you about the transfer process deadline and required documentation.

Most manufacturers set their deadlines 60 days before the property sale transaction closes. Within this time, you must submit the required documentation and transfer request. Ask your manufacturer if they can accommodate your transfer after you have completed the property sale.

Next, the manufacturer will ask your seller to establish your ownership. You can use the following documents to prove this.

  • A copy of the deed
  • The sale's closing documents that establish you as the new owner.
  • Roof installation date
  • Material proof of purchase
  • Original manufacturer documents (the seller should hand you this)
  • Contractor agreement (ask the seller's contractor for a copy)

Proactive sellers can help buyers by securing all the necessary paperwork and the warranty copy. They can highlight their roof and its easy warranty transfer process to gain more buyer offers.

Why Are Roof Warranties Valuable?

Buyers want peace of mind with their roofs, making new installations a great selling point. Transferable warranties for new roofs give them the ultimate peace of mind because being a warranty beneficiary gives them recourse for any defects.

Here are a few more reasons why roof warranties are valuable.

Roof Risks and Warranty

Your warranty ensures you get all the benefits the product claims it can do or your money back. The manufacturer is at fault for any defective product they've sold to you. They will repair or replace the product free of charge if you're a warranty beneficiary.


This refers to the warranty's scope and limitations. For example, some repairs-only warranties protect buyers from defective roofing materials. Alternatively, repairs and labor warranties cover you from defects and poor roofing installation by certified roofing companies.


Buyers want a home to move in and just relax after the sale. A new roof with a transferable warranty won't have them pay anything for defective materials. That said, it's a safety blanket that provides great peace of mind.

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