Why Use GAF Roofing Materials for Your Roof?

September 2, 2022

GAF uses only high-quality materials for its roofing systems. The keyword is "systems:" GAF is a comprehensive roof system with various parts working together to have better wind resistance, fires, and more. Should you use GAF roofs for your home? Read more about its benefits for homeowners who have and will use their materials.

A Complete Roof System

GAF roofs are comprehensive roof systems. Most homeowners think their products are just asphalt shingles. The shingles are just the top layer of the roof; GAF sells systems with various parts. These may include roof deck protection or radiant barriers, cobra attic ventilation, starter strip shingles, leak protectors, and more.

Lifetime Shingle Warranties

All GAF roofing materials have limited lifetime warranties as long as a certified GAF roofer installed them. GAF Master Elite roofing companies can provide the best warranties by ensuring the roof will resist rainstorms, hurricanes, and high-speed winds. Most homeowners who worked with GAF Master Elites seldom make claims, a testament to their training, certification, and efficiency.

GAF Master Elites

These elite roofers have been picked, trained, and certified by GAF itself. This challenging training and certification course requires mastery of roofing skills, methods, and troubleshooting. GAF Master Elites are few and far between – only about 2% of the country holds a GAF Master Elite ranking. Thus, you can be sure you have an excellent roof if you hire a GAF Master Elite.

Color and Pattern Variety

GAF Timberline HD shingles are just one of the many ultra-dimensional patterns available. You can find more variety from GAF's ColorPlus selection. Choose from Weathered Wood, Mission Brown, and more. If you're unsure which material works well for your home, ask your contractor for suggestions.

As a rule of thumb, it's best to use your home builder's chosen colors and patterns. They used the first color with the property's existing color scheme. That said, sticking with the first color or various shades of the first roof color is a safe yet sensible choice.

Top Roofing Protection

GAF products are high-quality systems beyond the asphalt shingle textures and colors. Great fire resistance products use a comprehensive system with dense, fire-resistant components. On the other hand, wind-resistant asphalt Class D shingles use thick nails and special OSBs to withstand tornadoes and hurricanes. 

One of GAF's well-known roofing products is an algae-resistant roofing system. The Stainguard Plus have a long-term lifespan due to its exceptional mold and moisture resistance. 

Increased Residential Value

Many homebuyers are familiar with GAF's exceptional performance as a roofing material. If you mention you used GAF during a roof replacement, you may attract leads and higher offers for your property during sales. That said, you eliminate the roof as a negotiation point during home sales.

We strongly recommend working with a GAF-certified roofer for your projects. These roofers automatically provide warranties on your new installations. Call us at Turbo Roofing today to help you get started on your roof installations and replacements.