Is it a Good Idea to Replace Your Roof After Tenants Leave?

December 24, 2021

There are many ways that tenants can damage roofs during their stay - the most common cause is when tenants use the roof as a space to dry clothes. It is important to repair any roof damage immediately, as it can lead to large amounts of water getting into the building and causing major damage.

The roof is prone to damage from people walking on it, drying clothes on it, or even hitting it by accident. Thus, it’s important for landlords to inspect their property once tenants leave, especially their roof.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof

Here are some common signs that you need to replace your roof ASAP.


Roof leaks are caused by the failure of the seal between the roof and the top of the wall. A common cause of roof leaks is an inadequate sealant around flashing. When the sealant fails, water is able to penetrate the joint between the wall and the roof, causing a leak.

Leaking roofs can cause significant damage to ceilings, furniture, floors, and other items on the lower levels of a home. Damage can also be caused by roof leaks on an outside wall. In addition to the damage that might be caused internally from water collecting against walls and furniture, roof leaks can also give rise to damp patches appearing on outside walls which will usually require a whole new coat of paint

Loose and Damaged Shingles

Loose and damaged shingles affect property in a number of ways. Firstly, they will allow water to get into the roof and under the shingles, which can lead to damage to the interior of the house. Secondly, the water will pool on the surface and cause the shingles to slip and slide. When this happens, more and more shingles will be lost and damaged. Lastly, it will also cause the leaking of sound and heat.

Visible Holes in Attic

Visible holes in the attic can affect the property and cause severe damages. The holes can lead to a structural failure of the house. A new roof is required, and the damaged areas will need to be repaired.

Leaning and Unbalanced Roof

Leaning and unbalanced roofs may cause a variety of damages to a property. The most common cause of these damages is a leaking roof. It can potentially cause a collapse, which could lead to personal injury of homeowners

Factors That Damage Your Roof

Here are external factors that cause damage to your roof aside from tenants.


Weather damage to roofs can happen in many different ways. It can be caused by rain, hail, or snow. Rain is the most common weather condition that causes damage to roofs. Rain's main cause of damage to roofs is the force of the rain. The pressure of the rain drops on the roof can be so great that it causes roof tiles, shingles, or other roof materials to break off and fall to the ground.


Fires can cause a hole in the roof, which can cause water to leak into the house and softens the roof which can make it soft and weak. Another way that a fire can cause roof damage is that smoke from the fire can get into the roof, which then causes it to become black, which then weakens it.

Damaged Gutters

Gutters are typically made of aluminum or steel. They are the lowest part of the exterior of the home. Gutters are designed to collect water which percolates through the roof, preventing it from damaging the roof. A damaged gutter will allow water to break through the roof, causing it to rot.

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