The Longest Lasting Roofing Materials for 2021

November 24, 2020

If you've gone through 2020 with the biggest roofing problems despite having regular maintenance, then consider replacing your roof to help give relief. High-quality roofing materials guarantee exceptional performance and long-term lifespan. However, the best asphalt shingles only have 20-30 years lifespan, even if they can resist a great number of hailstorms.

Truthfully, you'll need to invest much more when it comes to top-notch roofing materials. Asphalt shingles will set you back from $2-$5 per square foot. Metal roofs, for example, will set you back by $10-$14 per square foot. However, the double or triple price guarantees you can have a roof that can last from 50-100 years with effective maintenance and dependability.

If you're looking for details about the best and trusty roofing materials in the market, you can count on these three top choices your Guelph roofers highly recommend too.

Metal Roofing

If there's a sure way to have an excellent roofing material that can last for decades, you can always count on metal roofing to deliver the results you need. Both corrugated and standing seam metal has adequate weight that requires no additional roofing joist and molding reinforcement.

Metal roofs have top-notch steel cores, which can withstand hailstone dents and other harsh weather conditions. However, unlike their centuries-old predecessors, it has a zinc or aluminum coating, allowing it to resist corrosion and have better lifespan and dependability. Plus, metal roofing manufacturers work with acrylic elastomeric coating manufacturers, serving as an extra layer protecting the already-durable zinc or aluminum coating.

Additionally, numerous Guelph roofers, such as Turbo Roofing, can quickly install your roofs for you in no time. Working with professional and certified roofers gives you full material and labor warranties for all your needs.

Clay Tiles

From medieval times to modern properties, clay tiles remain an excellent choice for roofing materials. Clay introduces plenty of advantages, including natural Mediterranean aesthetics, high-quality manufacturing practices thanks to modern, science-backed research, and dependable roofing installers who can help you with all your installations.

Clay tiles work effectively for modern residential properties. However, homeowners must make sure their roof moldings and frames can handle the added clay tile weight. While clay tiles aren't as heavy as slate tiles, they have a heft that makes them perfect roofing materials for windy areas in Guelph requiring additional joist support.

Lastly, clay tiles require frequent maintenance due to possible growth of mold and spores. Always work with a dependable roofing team, such as Turbo Roofing, for your maintenance needs.

Slate Tiles

Similar to clay tiles, slate is a highly-durable roofing material. Heavy-duty, natural-occurring stones are dense and heavy, requiring additional roof re-framing and molding. However, slate tiles can last from 50 years onward with less maintenance than clay tile roofs.

On the other hand, they're much more expensive than both metal and clay tile roofing. However, you have a roof capable of living beyond a century with consistent maintenance and proper installation.

If you have yet to find a dependable roofer, you can always count on us at Turbo Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.