Asphalt Shingle Cracking and Splitting: How to Prevent It

July 29, 2022

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most durable and dependable roofing materials for homeowners. It's not as expensive as clay tile and metal roofing, but it can achieve exceptional protection against hailstorms, rains, cyclones, and beyond. Plus, many roofers in your area know the best methods to repair, install, and replace your roof material.

Over time, asphalt shingle roofs will suffer from cracks and splits. These two can cause different integrity issues that can result in repairs or replacements. Learn more about each of them below.


Asphalt shingle cracking happens when your roof reaches its 10th or 15th age. Granule loss on freshly-installed roofing material is normal because these are excesses from manufacturing. However, if you see extensive granule loss eroding in water flowing into your gutters, you most likely have asphalt shingle roofs with at least five years left in their lifespan.

The loss of granules leads to immediate asphalt shingle deterioration. The granules protect the shingles from UV energy and sunlight. Without the granules, the asphalt shingles suffer severe damage from UV exposure and have a shorter lifespan.


Splitting appears as diagonal cuts on your asphalt shingles. It happens because of asphalt shingles' natural movement during seasonal temperature changes. Shingles can contract during winter and expand during winter. The repeated shape transformations loosen and cause the joints to weaken, leading to the upper layer adhesive weakening and suffering from extensive damage.


Well-Made Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation cools down roofs and stabilizes their temperature. Without drastic cooling or heating, your asphalt shingles will maintain their temperature, effectively reducing the possibility of weakening the joints and upper layer adhesive.

You can consult your roofers in building high-quality attic ventilation. They may create soffits and fascias that allow outside air to pass through the material and reduce temperature levels. In some cases, they may recommend placing attic fans to improve airflow, especially in places with low wind.

Regular Roof Maintenance

Regular roofing inspections can reveal small, unnoticeable damage. During your scheduled maintenance, your roofer will inspect possible damaged areas and perform minor repairs. For example, they can replace a missing, split, or cracked asphalt shingle before it becomes a much more expensive problem.

Certified Roofer Installation

High-quality asphalt shingles can still have shorter lifespans if you use non-certified and inexperienced roofers to install them. If you do the installation by yourself, you can shorten the roof's lifespan and accelerate the possibility of splits and cracks.

Manufacturers recognize certified roofers and include them in their website's roofing company locator. This ensures their customers only use certified roofers with decades of experience and knowledge and use the manufacturers' prescribed methods, automatically qualifying their roofs for warranties.

High-Quality Manufacturers

Only use top local manufacturer products. High-quality manufacturers have intricate manufacturing and quality control procedures, ensuring maximum lifespan and performance. 

Granule loss and splits often happen due to the base asphalt shingle materials wearing out and shortening their lifespan. Top manufacturers work with suppliers that provide high-quality base materials for their products.

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