Attic Insulation: A Big Benefit for Roofs

August 12, 2022

Roof insulation is a necessity for most homes. It drives down energy costs and stabilizes interior temperatures. Unfortunately, many houses in the US have problematic attic insulation that allows interior air to escape and allows gaps to introduce outside temperatures. We strongly recommend having your roof inspected to learn if you need to improve your attic's insulation.

Why Insulate The Attic?

Hot air from heaters will eventually head upwards because of their light density. Colder air tends to move downward. This means the buildup of heat in your attic and the heat the roof material absorbs from the sun will abnormally increase its temperature. Consistent hotness in this part of the house will cause roof rafters, sheathing, and trusses to expand. It might even affect your roof material's lifespan.

Good attic insulation prevents this from happening. It will keep indoor air inside while removing warm air from the rooms. It will also introduce cooling that stabilizes your attic's temperatures and prolong your roof's lifespan and performance. It will also protect any HVAC duct from extreme heat if it runs through your attic before re-entering your home.

The Benefits of Insulating the Roof 

Wood Component Structural Stability

All roofs have structures built with rafters and sheathing. The strong hardwood used for this structure will lose its integrity and strength if it absorbs too much heat. It forms a triangular shape with the sheathing nailed on the strong parallel rafters.

Attic insulation helps reduce temperatures in the attic. Good attic insulation combined with ventilation will remove hot temperatures and high humidity, which can significantly damage wood components, from the attic. Stabilized temperatures will keep the wood components from expanding too much.

Prolonged Roof Material Lifespan

The heat from the attic can still affect asphalt shingle roofs. When consistently exposed to high temperatures from the attic and the sun, shingles will start expanding beyond their limits. They will contract during the night's cooler temperatures, having trapped moisture from outdoor humidity inside the shingles. Blisters can form on the shingles once the trapped moisture tries to escape the material under the sun's extreme heat.

Enhanced Interior Comfort

Attic insulation introduces comfort to any property. The thick blown-in or spray polyurethane foam material will keep rooms underneath the insulated areas at stable and comfortable temperatures. This means you can turn down your thermostat settings to achieve a well-heated and comfortable environment.

HVAC Energy Efficiency

The majority of homes use HVAC units to heat and cool their properties. Poor insulation allows indoor air to escape while allowing outside air to infiltrate indoors. Good insulation for rooms and attics will keep indoor temperatures indoors for longer. The insulation in various areas will also repel outside temperatures. By achieving this, it's easy to see how you can drive down your HVAC costs with effective attic insulation.

You can always count on Turbo Roofing to provide top-notch roof replacements for your property. While we don't do attic insulations, we can help you improve your roof and install a wide variety of materials efficiently. Call us today to get started.