Can You Stay At Home During Roof Replacement?

June 3, 2022

It's your first roof replacement, and you're understandably uncomfortable about leaving your home to roofing professionals. It's perfectly normal to feel this way. You can choose to stay at home during roof replacements if you can bear the possible dangers, such as loud noises, falling debris, and more.

If you decide to stay at home, keep the following things in mind.

What Are The Dangers of Staying at Home During Roof Replacement?

Loud Noise

Roof replacements are distractingly loud if you're working from home. Bedrooms will shudder when roofers start nailing your roof materials on roof sheathing. Roof truss repair or replacement projects generate more noise and cause wall vibrations. Processing wood trusses with cutting equipment will take noise up a notch than a simple material removal and replacement.

Falling Debris

Your roofing contractor doesn't know who's exiting doors and may misjudge your interior ceiling's integrity. Dust may fall from damaged interior ceilings. In some extreme cases, roof materials might fall through the interior ceiling. Debris can fall over the gutter line above it when exiting your doors. If you stay indoors, ask your contractor to tell you their roof tear-off schedule to avoid heading outside.

General Discomfort

The roof's exposed state reduces your home's insulating capability, moisture protection, and defense against heavy rainfall. Roofers will cover your roof with tarps at every end of the work period, but it wouldn't introduce the same insulation and protection as roofs. If you and your family can endure the general discomfort of hot noons, cold nights, and potentially leak-prone rains, you can stay at home during roof replacement.

Can My Pet Stay At Home During Roof Replacement?

Dogs, cats, and other pet animals react differently to roof repair noise. Some dogs and cats may cower and remain terrified during workdays because of the loud noise. In addition, some debris from the roof may cause allergies in your pets. We highly advise taking them with you during roof replacements.

Is It Better To Leave Your Home During Roof Replacement?

We highly advise homeowners to leave their homes during roof replacement to give roofers full freedom to work without additional liabilities. Roofers may issue a waiver that ensures they aren't responsible for your safety if you stay at home during roof replacement. Staying at home during roof replacement may be cost-efficient, but it may compromise your family's safety.

When Should You Leave Your Home During Roof Replacement?

A roof rafter and interior ceiling issue make leaving your home essential for effective roof replacement. Roof trusses or rafters are heavy wood materials that can cause injury with poor disposal. In addition, truss replacements still have a small risk of collapse in the hands of professionals. Leaving your home during roof truss and material replacement becomes a great need at this point.

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